Welcome to Full Body Mindfulness

Welcome to Full Body Mindfulness! Here is a basic overview of what to expect in this web course.

The course itself is organized into 18 different teaching modules, each of which you can move through at your own pace. Spend as much time with each lesson as you'd like. We suggest that you move through the course slowly — maybe one module per day, or one every couple days, or one per week. This can be some very dense, deeply affective, and highly psychoactive material, and there is a good chance you will feel these teachings slowly unfolding in the back of your mind several days after watching, without even thinking about it. Create enough space to fully receive, absorb, and unpack each teaching, and when you feel ready, simply move to the next module.

We encourage you to spend some time with each question and write down your responses in your journal. We recommend you set up your phone, tablet, or computer to take notes and reflect, and/or buy a journal if you prefer writing longhand. If you do buy a journal, try to get a nice one with a cover you find appealing. There is some research that suggests writing exercises can be more powerful if done by hand, and you can always transcribe entries from your phone/computer to your journal, or from your journal to your phone/computer if you want to do both. Of course you don't need to do any writing at all if you don't want to, but we think it will greatly deepen your experience of this material.

You can use the comments beneath the lesson videos to discuss each module with other course participants. Remember that these comments are public, so be sure you don't use the comments section for personal note taking!

For now just sit back, take it all in, and enjoy the full spectrum transmission!

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